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How to use our T-shirt design maker

Photo2Fashion’s 3D on-line t shirt designing software makes full T-shirt printing very easy. Just follow the steps on the screen to create your own T-shirt. Or you may read our description on this page about how to make T-shirts.

T-shirt design inspiration

Find an image that you would like to print on your custom T-shirt. You will need an image for the front and maybe another for the back. Which kind of image you choose depends on the kind of T-shirt you want to create. Do you like funny t-shirts, cool t-shirt designs, creative t-shirts or maybe special t-shirt gifts? It’s really up to you, but for some t-shirt design inspiration, check out our cool t-shirt design ideas!

Where to find good images

Maybe you have nice photo’s to create your own T-shirt already. Or maybe someone you know has nice photo’s that you can use. Another great resource is Google images. If you use images you found on the internet, make sure they have the right usage rights. Photo2Fashion accepts JPG, PNG and GIF images up to 20 MB. Also, the number of pixels on the image should not be much less then 1000x1000 for the best T-shirt printing results.

Make your T-shirt design

Double click on the model and select your favorite image. Our T-shirt designing software makes it easy to adjust your design:

Our 3D T-shirt design maker only requires a few steps to create your own T-shirt with full T-shirt printing. What you see is what you get!

For all other questions about ordering, payment and shipping we kindly refer to our help pages.