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New T-shirt design possibilities

As you can see in Photo2Fashion’s T-shirt design gallery, our custom all over T-shirt printing gives you a whole new world of online T-shirt design possibilities. In traditional T-shirt printing, it was only possible to print on a limited rectangular area. Photo2Fashion offers full T-shirt printing of photo’s and artwork in high resolution and in full color. We do this on both sides and on the sleeves as well. The prints on body and sleeves forms one integrated whole, even on the seams and the edges of the T-shirt.

Design your own T-shirt on line

Because of these new T-shirt design possibilities, we share some of the designs our customers made already with you. We hope that will give you enough T-shirt design inspiration to develop your own T-shirt design ideas. In your online design you should consider:

Try it online in 3D

Fortunately you don’t have to answer all of these questions before you start. You can just try our quick and easy T-shirt design maker and see your T-shirt design ideas in 3D within one minute!

Design your own T-shirt ►