3D Photo T-shirts

Photo T-shirts are T-shirts with a photo printed on it. Because of Photo2Fashion’s all over T-shirt printing, the T-shirt really is in the photo. These are also called 3D T-shirts because of the photo realistic printing. You even don't have to design it yourself. In that case quickly go to our 3D T-shirt online shopping.

A photo T-shirt is often related to a special occasion, person, animal or object you want to remember or one that you are proud of. This could be a snapshot from a nice holiday, from a celebration or just a photo that you like very much. The reasons to create a photo T-shirt are endless. For inspiration for your own photo T-shirt, check out the T-shirt examples shown here.

The starting point for the photo T-shirt is the photo itself. This can be a photo you made yourself or you got from somebody else. It can also be a photo you found on the internet. In any case you need to have the usage rights for the photo. Many photo’s are in the public domain and you can use them for your T-shirt. Once you found the right photo, it is easy. With our 3D online T-shirt maker, your photo T-shirt is only a few clicks away. Photo2Fashion’s custom all over printed T-shirts are full color, and high resolution. Therefore they make great photo T-shirts.