Free T-shirt design templates


If you prefer to design your T-shirt with a more "traditional" 2D T-shirt template, you are welcome to download our free templates. They come as PhotoShop files (.psd) representing the T-shirt outlines for the back and the front. If you position your artwork in seperate layers for the back and the front, we can use this to print, cut and sew your T-shirt.

This is for designers who prefer to work with PhotoShop. If you are not a designer you will probably prefer our much more user friendly online 3D T-shirt designer.

T-shirt design templates for men

Standard mens T-shirt

T-shirt design templates for women

Standard womens T-shirt
Womens T-shirt with kimono sleeves

How to use the 2D templates

Open the PhotoShop file for your model and size. Then position your artwork layers under the sewing pieces. The teamplates only show the visible part of the T-shirt. We will add seams and hems so you don't have to worrie about that. Then send your file(s) to us by email and we will check it before you place the order. Ordering the T-shirt(s) with the 2D templates can best be done by ordering a 'dummy' T-shirt with the 3D designer and email us your PhotoShop file(s) seperately. If you have any question just let us know.