Creative T-shirts

At Photo2Fashion we see different kinds of really creative T-shirts:

  • T-shirt designs in which different existing images are combined;
  • Shirts with completely original artwork on it;
  • Designs with original text;
  • Combinations of all of these.

Whatever your plans and T-shirt design ideas are, you should know that creativity is the art of combining old ideas to new ones. But before doing that have a look at the creative T-shirts our customers created already.

One important reason to make a creative T-shirt can be to surprise somebody you like and you want to give a unique T-shirt to. That really would be an original present. You are completely free to design your T-shirt such that it fits really well to the person you have in mind. Of course you can create your own T-shirt as well. A personalized T-shirt is a great way to show the world who you are and what you like. A third reason to make a creative T-shirt is that creativity is at the heart of what it means to be a human being. You don’t need an excuse to be creative.

No recipe can be given for how to create the artwork. Great tools are the well known Photoshop, Gimp (which is free) and Illustrator. It would go to far to describe these tools here and there are many tutorials about them on the internet. Alternatively, you can make a real world artwork, make a photo of it and use that as the basis. In any case Photo2Fashion offers the ideal online T-shirt maker for your creative T-shirt, because of the 3D design and all over printing.