Virtual Fashion Design on your own site in 3D

Fashion prints are hot in 2016 says Trendstop. But making expensive prototypes is slow. Read here how to produce your virtual fashion and start selling today!

Fashion prints are trending in 2016

Fashion is fun! Many people would love to start their own fashion line. Fashion is developing constantly and new ideas and approaches always deserve a chance. These range from high end market introductions such as Taylor Swifts sweatshirts, dresses and tops to the more reachable local T-shirt brands such as GWAP by Boitumelo Koone from Botswana. Especially fashion prints will continue to be hot in 2016 as forecasted by Trendstop, the global online trend research platform. In 2016 we will see a return to nature inspired all-over fashion prints, with a focus on organic, earthy aesthetics. Fashion designers all over the world are working at this moment to prepare their collections.

But making expensive style prototypes is slow ...

If you are one of those fashion designers, you know that the possibilities are endless and that it is important to test fashion ideas in your market. However, it is difficult and expensive to develop and test prototypes rapidly. After you created the concept and the sketches you will have to make a professional sewing pattern such that the garment will fit nicely. Then you need to source your fabric, find a high quality textile printer that supports the required width of the fabric and have it sewn together. Luckily most of these steps can be outsourced but even then they require a lot of coordination, time and money.

So create virtual fashion for your own site now!

Using 3D virtual fashion design software however, you can quickly design some shirts, dresses or jeans and showcase them on your website or social media to get a feeling for the market potential of your work. By following and joining the conversations about the virtual designs you will see which ones can be successful and get new ideas which you can work out in the same way. Virtual 3D designs also have the advantage that they can be animated interactively, which is a nice eye-catcher. This enables you to showcase your designs without the necessity to produce all prototypes and organize the photo shoots for your product promotion. At Photo2Fashion we have an online 3D T-shirt designer that you can use for free to make your virtual T-shirt fashion. The design process is easy and when finished you will see the animated 3D T-shirt, which you can embed on your own site by using the embed button just below the animation.

Of course we would love to receive your suggestions about new garment types for our virtual fashion designer!

Herman Meijer
July 24, 2015