Guestblog by a happy repeat customer.

Review of my T-shirts from Photo2Fashion

September 19 2013, guest blog by Moudy Fayed


I actually stumbled upon Herman's business while doing a search with the words 'all-over shirt printing' on various search engines. I was searching for the last year for a decent business that would allow me to print my own creative t-shirts to promote my favorite artists.
There are other websites I stumbled upon that had terrible reviews straining from reasons like scamming to horrid print quality to limited print size to cheap fabric. When I decided to look through the Photo2Fashion, I was amazed at what they were offering: all-over-shirt printing, Jersey-knit fabric, endless seams, and a color palette to bring any artist to their knees in awe.


One of the t-shirts I ordered, I have already washed over five times (following the instructions given), both times mixed with black clothing and white clothing in the washer. What were the results? The t-shirt has not faded to my eyes one bit. However, for other types of graphic t-shirts (especially music-related clothing) I own, they fade very fast if washed numerous times. One of the band t-shirts I own is not even recognizable because I have washed it so much. I am very confident in the quality of the t-shirts produced by Photo2Fashion that I own. If you look on their website, they break down the printing and producing process, as well show a t-shirt with the capability of the printer's color palette at multiple angles. There are also real people making these shirts, not machines, but real people. When I saw pictures on their website of employees cutting and sewing the shirts themselves I thought they were stock photos, but I verified with the business that the t-shirts are manually created and the only automation is in the printing process.

Customer Service

I own five t-shirts so far, all of which that I am extremely happy about and all came to my door in a speedy delivery without me having to worry about custom charges. One of the t-shirts I had to make an adjustment to one of the images before it was printed, and Herman replied quickly saying he would get it done, and he did. The customer service is prompt and respectful and that is what I like to see in a business, especially online where the business owner is potentially facing hundreds to thousands of emails every week. This very much shows that despite the load of customers constantly keeping in touch with him, he is able to give each individual customer the respect, attention, answers they need for the product they purchased and/or inquiring about.

The Price Breakdown for American Customers

Each t-shirt costs 36 euros, with 16 euros for shipping for up to two t-shirts. A lot of Americans would think that is very expensive seeing how that is $50 plus an additional $22 for shipping. I want to ask everyone, how much do you buy for a cotton t-shirt at a concert with a graphic covering only one fourth of the front of the t-shirt? I know whenever I go to a concert; I am paying $30, $40, and even $50 for cheaply-made band clothing. Clothing that has a very short time-span in quality if you wash it very often where the graphic either fades or cracks. With what I have mentioned about Photo2Fashion so far: the amazing colour quality and the longevity of the shirts as well as customer service, none of the downfalls of other graphic t-shirts you buy are present so the price is very much worth it.

I recommend this business to anyone who is interested in custom t-shirt, A+!