Gaga wore the shirt!

Lady Gaga's selfie from Instagram

August 11, 2014
Alan Strygler, a great fan of Lady Gaga, designed a T-shirt for her, ordered it and gave it to her backstage. Let us just quote his reaction when he found Lady Gaga's selfie at Instagram:

I just got back from my trip and I hope you are doing great! I have amazing news for you & I can’t stop crying of happiness! GAGA WORE THE SHIRT!!!! Thank you for doing the best shirt in the world! It means so much to me! It took me 15 hours to design and you made it come true in such a short time I’m very grateful! I can’t wait to get mine! Tomorrow I’ll send my next order as I promised! I’m very grateful with you and the quality is so amazing! Thank you so much for everything! Alan! :D

How Alan Strygler designed the T-shirt using our online 3D design tool.
The T-shirt just after we printed and sew it.